Friday, 29 April 2011

following the leader

moving in with someone you love is a big deal right?

it's not something you take lightly, or nonchalantly, or something that you just jump into. please, someone tell me i'm not alone in thinking this.

i love him, and i know he loves me. but love isn't a guarentee all the time. i mean, i hate saying it, but he's left before. he tells me he won't but if it happens i'll go on with life. ask any of the people who were there for me when he left last time and they'll tell you i won't move on.

they'll tell you i slip into a depression again
they'll tell you i'll lose 20 pounds from not eating for a week
and that i'll gain 30 from not caring about anything after that
they'll tell you that i'd lose my drunken mind at a party again
and that they'd have to consol me as i sob on the bathroom floor
they'll tell you that while i was with him, and that other guy as well, that i was thinking of you
and only you

they'd tell you that not even they, my best friends and comfort in the world, not even they could save me this time.

so please consider this as a big deal, because it is.



Thursday, 21 April 2011

crazy beautiful life

so i'm sitting here on my boyfriends couch alone. him and his brother are outside but it's way too cold for a fragile girl like myself! aha, i'm such a joker.

i love him, and i'm having one of those moments where you just know. you know how when you watch say yes to the dress or four weddings or any of those feel good TLC shows and the couples talk about how within the first two weeks of dating each other they just KNEW they were going to spend the rest of their life with them? well we've been together for 3 months (this time around...) and i just know.


not that kind of knowing. i've never known love. i thought i had, but nothing compares to this.

it's fantastic, i hope we're never apart again.

so i have to keep this short because when they come back in we have to continue our monopoly deal game and watch Jurassic Park (YES)

lots of love

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

i've been so lucky, i am the girl with golden hair.

i'm not much of a writer, just so you know. but i do enjoy to talk, and sometimes a girl just needs to vent to someone (or something) that isn't going to answer back. it also seems to be the new craze so i thought i'd test out the waters. a wise, homosexual man named joel once told me that a persons favourite topic to discuss was themselves, because they're an expert in that subject. with those words of wisdom, i may just be able to pull this blog off.

i've named it "the hearts piggybank" for two reasons.

1. i once heard a quote that goes: "you are the shiniest penny in the piggybank of my heart". (to be honest i think i heard it on the family channel.) anyways, once i heard this quote i used it to describe the friendship between me and the best friend of my life, elisabeth. and her blog is what allowed me to discover this place and start writing on my own.

and 2. if, as i said, i'm writing on the subject of myself, everything i'll be writing will be coming from my heart ( i don't tend to think with my head often ) so i'm going to consider this a safe place to store my thoughts and stories and bank them up to read later and reflect on change. i sound old?

so moving on, as a first blog i think i'll share a few of my favourite things ( other than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens and such...) :

love, harry potter, ke$ha, supernatural, kisses, jordan pike, carebears, hugs, smiles, cakesters, boyfriend, brandon antonio, city of bones, city of ashes, city of glass, music, giggles, sleeping on the airmatress with him, coke, freedom, theatre, fruit-roll-up bras, rachel phillips, chicken ceaser salad, bookstores, buffy, summer, texting, picnic lunch, hammocks, alex (rip), look, elisabeth wallis, peter pan, keith thompson, singing, dance, yellow tulips, the sims, jensen ackles, vodka, money, heidi dienesch, ireland, guardian angels, cinnamon toast crunch, fred && george, wal mart, sugar, the beatles, tea, prozzak, cuddles, kraft dinner, falling in love, being in love.
feel like you know me yet?
oh well
until next time,